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Solar industry created twice as much jobs as coal industry

Solar industry jobs

Renewable energy industry just keeps trending. In the US alone, the Solar Foundation survey shows solar employment was increased three times from the day they started tracking back in 2010.

Solar industry has employed over a quarter milion of people in the last 6 years, a majority of whom are installers and earning around $26 per hour. Slightly over 40% of the jobs created are in the residential market, with the commercial one not far behind.

On their report, Solar Foundation states that “Solar employs slightly more workers than natural gas, over twice as many as coal, over three times that of wind energy, and almost five times the number employed in nuclear energy. Only oil/petroleum has more employment (by 38%) than solar.”

With slightly over 1/3 of the total installations in 2016, the state of California is the nr. 1 solar capacity in the US. Significant rise towards solar power was noticed in Utah, Texas, S. Carolina, New Jersey and New York.

The industry is sky rocketing

The solar industry might have just 1.3 % of the market in US’ electricity today, but it is assumed that it will have a growth in the upcoming years that has not been witnessed ever before. Compared to last year when solar jobs where only 1/50 in the country, recently it has overtaken the traditional job offering industry which is coal.

One thing that has kept the solar energy cost up is the physical installation factor. With a lot of the tech industry working on finding a solution to lower these costs, it’s only a matter of time that solar energy is affordable for pretty much everyone. Once this happes, a lot of the work will be automated and the industry will not be delivering the large amount of job opportunities as it does today. At that point there will be a need for alternate types of jobs that relate to the industry. This switch in opportunities will not just create new and unknown transitions, it will also lower the cost of other work stations and utility bills for companies in different industries.

As the world keeps turning and opportunities keep presenting themselves, one things remains the same. The more we turn away from sources related to fossil fuel the better our world will be. If we want to slow down climate change and live a healthier life, solar and other renewable energies will just keep trending.

Solar energy represents a natural source of heating for cooking, drying, and pasteurising of different foods

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