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Scientist are using raindrops to produce energy from solar panels

solar panels

Do you live in a place where the weather is mostly cloudy or raining? Now scientist from China are working on a solution by making solar cell that generates power during sunny and rainy days. This is an advance technology where graphene allows to produce energy from raindrops.

Raindrops contain various salts which have positive and negative ions that can make a chemical reaction and produce power. Scientist want to use graphene sheets, to separate the charged ions (sodium,calcium and ammonium) and generate electricity.

Graphene material was used also by a UK scientist to absorb ambient heat and light which processed them to solar panels that work with diffuse sunlight. Raindrops may help power the next-generation of solar panels, that can be a possible solution for United Kingdom where an average of raining is about 42% of the year.

Let’s hope that scientist to move their research and begin to develop this kind of technology into a practicable method for generating power electricity.

Solar energy represents a natural source of heating for cooking, drying, and pasteurising of different foods

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