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Are you looking to install solar panels in your home or business ?

What are your expenses ?



Choose the roof type you want to install solar panels on.
Choose the shading of your roof.
Choose the roof angle.
Choose the roof direction.

The type looks nice for installation, let’s see how large it is.


Are you using composition material or simple tiles? Let us know your roof material.


In on average you have hours of sun radiation that can be used in your panels. More detailed info


  • March -
  • April -
  • May -

Average sun radiation for Spring


  • June -
  • July -
  • August -

Average sun radiation for Summer


  • September -
  • October -
  • November -

Average sun radiation for Fall


  • December -
  • January -
  • February -

Average sun radiation for Winter

Below find the panel amounts you need to cover your costs.
100% electricity

The amount of panels you need to have installed to fullfill your needs is at least .


Your property is solar friendly

Based on our analysis your home has excellent solar savings potential.
Total System Size

Number of panels:
Covers 100% of Electricity
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System Net Cost

Total System Cost:
Federal Tax Incentive:
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Your benefits and contribution to the environment

30 Years Total Savings


Monthly Savings: $265
Utility Bill Savings: $121,412
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Trees Planted


Tons of CO2 Avoided: 10
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