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Picking the right solar inverters

solar inverters

Solar inverters are one of the main items in your solar system.

They alone are responsible for switching the energy that panels accumulate from the sun to consumable energy. That is why today, we are comparing the benefits and differences between two of the most popular types of solar inverters: String inverters and Micro inverters.

String inverters

String inverters are the least expensive types of invertors and it takes roughly 15-20 minutes to install it. To use this type of solar inverter, you could wire multiple panels through a string to the inverter or use multiple strings, each going to their MPPT channel (easier to manage panels).

The downside of using String inverters is that if a panel has shading issues, it can potentially bring down the power output of that whole string. The way String inverters shut down is that they get a signal from an external box.

Below is a video guide to installing such inverters:

Some of the top string inverters include:

Micro inverters

Micro inverters are a little more expensive than string inverters, but at the same time more efficient since it’s easier to install. These inverters connect to solar panels themselves and invert the energy right at the panel level.
Another great feature is its expandability. You can manage to add new types of panels to existing systems and it will still work. The shutting down process here is automatic in case there is no grid energy or power goes down.

Below is a video guide to installing micro inverters:

Some of the top micro inverters include:

Approximately 65% of all solar panels in the world are produced in China.

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