How it works

Here at Sumthesun we think your time is very valuable. That is why everything is in one place - renewable energy news, a very user friendly calculator, and a company reach.

1. A basket full of blogs

Need to know the latest news in renewable energy? Look no further! Sumthesun blog is filled with articles, how-to, news, and videos on sustainable energy.

2. Fill our user friendly calculator

All you need to do to estimate what kind of solar system your house needs and how much will it cost you is just follow and fill the simple all-in-one calculator.

3.Connect with different solar panel installing companies

Sumthesun believes options are a necessity when it comes to picking the right installer. That is why when you use the calculator and estimate your costs, we ask you for contact details. In your e-mail you can expect a list of installers that are interested to work for you, their contact information, and other details.

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