Alternating current (AC)

Alternating current is a electric power form which is mostly used through wall sockets in businesses and residences. This electric energy is used from consumers usually for kitchen elements, televisions, electric lamps etc.

Balance of system

Balance of system is a term that includes all the photovoltaic system components (required and optional) besides solar panels. Some of the required components include: solar Inverters battery bank, wiring, battery charger, switches and a mounting system. Optional components include: MPPT, GPS solar tracker, solar irradiance sensors etc.

Battery backup inverters

When the power grid is down for some reason, the unused solar energy will be just sitting in the roof. To prevent this from happening, you can use battery backup inverters that will store this energy to be used later.

Battery pack

Battery packs are a number of batteries or battery cells that are connected together on a parallel or mixture series. These batteries should be preferably identical and their function is to deliver the desired voltage or power.

Charge controller

A charge controller limits the amount of electricity drawn or added in the electricity battery. Without the controller, it is difficult to prevent batteries from overcharging or completely draining.


A solar concentrator uses lenses (also known as Fresnel lenses) which accumulate a large area of sunlight and point it straight to a specific spot, as the process bends the light to focus them. A similar process is used in magnifying lenses.