The first step for using Sumthesun is registering your company. You can join us by clicking the button below.

Why join Sumthesun platform?

Decrease your costs

By filling the calculator, users will send you their data so that the estimation of the installment for you is cheaper and more efficient.

Present your products

Besides the contact information you provide, in your profile you will have extra space to present your products, recent projects and much more.

Manage your clients

Sumthesun offers a unique dashboard for your company to manage client reports and requests that come through our platform.

receive monthly statistics

Your company will receive monthly emails with overall informations about what products are trending and unique statistics about your profile.

Thank you for choosing Sumthesun

Sumthesun is in the early stage of development and this is the beta version. We will inform you soon through mail when the dashboard is ready so you can manage your products and clients.