Lets find more clients for you, together.

Your companies name
How do you find your clients?
How costly is getting a client for you?
Do you use a software to manage clients?
What software you use to manage clients?
How costly is the software that allows you to manage your clients (in $)?
How many clients a year do you get?
What is the average solar capacity you install on a project?
How is the payment usually done
How many times you visit the average client until that project is done?
What is the first thing that you present to people interested in your company, and what would you like to present to them?
How much would you be willing to pay to present your companies products/projects/testimonials etc. to potential clients
What would you like to present before potential clients
How many types of panels/invertors/batteries do you use?
Would you join a “facebook” for solar companies?
How often would you manager/edit/visit your profile?
A client is interested in solar installation and wants companies to make them an offer. How much are you willing to pay so that you can bid on that lead?
How much would you pay for a reference/lead?
How much do you pay for promotion?
Do you have a solar calculator in your website?
Would you like to have a solar calculator on your website, so that people can be more engaged on your platform when they visit you?
How much would you be willing to pay for this feature?
Which one would you prefer?