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4 questions before you plan to install rooftop solar panels

rooftop solar

Buying and installing your solar panels is relatively large investment to make. To do accurate calculations and know everything about the solar panels is a crucial part. While there are many solar consultants, it might be that you don’t have enough time to actually pay a separate visit to your house. In order to make your struggle less time-consuming, we have listed some things that you need to consider before you jump in and start the installation process for your rooftop solar.

1.How old is my roof?

If there is any part of your roof that is damaged and you know that you need to repair it, than it is not the best idea to install solar panels on it. Also make sure that your roof can handle the weight of solar panels.

2.What is my roof type?

There are different roof types. If you are planning to install roof-top solar panels make sure your roof has enough space for solar installation. Also there are some roofs that are not suitable for quick installation. Nevertheless you can install solar panels on every kind of roof, it’s just that there are a bit more extra costs.

3. What is the direction of my roof?

Most professionals say that south is the best direction because has the most direct sunlight during the day. West direction absorbs the afternoon sunlight and its setting. Also east absorbs the morning sun. The better direction of your roof the better solar panels generate maximum amount of power.

4. Are shadows problem for me?

There can be trees or buildings that can be near to your house and make shadows over a portion of your solar panels which will reduce the power of them. So think for the next 30 years and don’t plant any tall tree near to your house

In 2013, a new solar energy project was installed in the U.S. every 4 minutes

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